About Us

Let us make your photographic dreams come true. We are a diligent, easygoing husband-and-wife duet that captures the humanity of special moments and honest emotion. From glamorous weddings to intimate newborn sessions, family celebrations to proud milestones. We cannot wait to tell your pictorial story of love and joy.

Based in The Big Apple, we render a natural style that is colorful and unique to your needs. An authentic enjoyable experience guarantees warm smiles and cherished memories that last forever. You will treasure these beautiful images and hold them close to your heart. Explore our portfolio. The images of your dreams are awaiting

Here’s an acronym that I would use to describe my photography style – SCENE.

S  =  Simple | C  =  Colorful | E  =  Extraordinary | N  =  Natural | E  =  Emotive

Carson Lin

Photographer & Designer

My Expertises

Photography, Graphic and Web design, 3D animation, Gaming Design, Video Editing, Front-end Web Development, Flash eCards, Email Newsletters, 3D Rendering, Fashion Illustrations, Magazine Layouts, Advertisements, Business Cards,Packaging, Brochures. Project Management, Brand Marketing,